MISP is clothed, peer massage designed for children 4-12 years old. Our vision is that every child attending school experiences positive, nurturing touch everyday - everywhere in the world. Our programme is based on respect and involves a formal massage routine and related activity.

The 10 - 15 minute massage performed on the back, head, arms and hands is given and received daily with the child's permission and given by the children, to each other.

It helps to build friendship and understanding which helps with bullying and intimidation and for this reason is a member of the anti bullying alliance.

Other benefits are:

  • Children become calmer
  • Children have improved concentration
  • Children have more confidence
  • It helps children recognise 'good' touch and 'bad' touch
  • Children develop better motor skills
  • It teaches children to respect themselves and others
  • There is a reduction in bullying and aggression
  • A teacher can benefit from a calmer classroom and improved concentration
  • Massage is fun and is something they can take home and practice on their family

Linking and Supporting the Curriculum

The programme underpins the national curriculum and supports current government initiatives relating to children. It links particularly well to the goals within Every Child Matters.

Part of the National Healthy Schools Standard.

SEAL, (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning)

Ofsted says the programme helps with positive well-being and Emotional Health.

Anti Bullying Alliance

MISP is part of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, building new friendships, healthy caring touch, and a respect for others.

Massage in Schools

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