Birth to 1 year - 'A Gift of Touch'

Baby Massage is a wonderful experience for both parent and baby. It can strengthen bonding and will give you added confidence in handling your baby. It will help stimulate growth and development, especially baby's social and emotional development, ease colic, wind, constipation, teething pain, and create a sleep pattern, benefiting baby AND you! Baby Massage will aid recovery of postnatal depression and will help ease any feelings of isolation felt by many new mums.

What To Expect From A Course

Each class is unique, but are guaranteed to be fun, sociable, relaxed and sometimes noisy. Anything goes, baby is boss!

Over the 4 or 5 week course we build up the routine, each week a copy of the week's routine will be yours to take home to practice and enjoy with your baby. Rhymes, songs and lullabies are incorporated into the routines to maximise benefits and add to the enjoyment.

  • Week 1 : Legs
  • Week 2 : Stomach (Including separate Colic Routine)
  • Week 3 : Chest, Arms and Hands
  • Week 4 : Face and Back
  • Week 5 / Rolling Sessions : Overall recap, Gentle Exercise Movements, Dad's turn!

As well as learning to massage your baby we will talk about the benefits in more detail, recognising and following baby's cues, which oils to use and how to adapt the massage as your baby grows.

Each class is a minimum of 75 minutes. Refreshments are included giving you a chance to relax, chat to the other parents and feed your baby if necessary. If you come to me I bake homemade cakes, Yummie!

Want to do baby massage but uncertain about joining a centre? A question often asked, this is where my private home courses are good as they are more intimate and personal being in a home environment with already established friends made through your ante natal group.It is popular for ante-natal groups to come as one whole group; they are great fun and a great way of keeping in contact. These can run from your homes or mine in Banstead, AND remember, if you come to me I bake HOMEMADE CAKES...Yummie...These courses are VERY popular!

NCT MEMBERS Why not book as a whole group to create your own private course, dates and times flexible.

SURESTART CHILDREN'S CENTRE BANSTEAD - Classes run for and on behalf of Surestart in Banstead. Please book these courses through me. These classes are for individual bookings only and are a great way to meet new mum's in the area. Like Banstead but dont live here, thats fine, everyone welcomeWant

Special circumstances:

  • I know that not everyone will feel comfortable joining a group so for the same price, but run over 2 sessions I can give individual tuition for you and your baby.
  • Are you a young mum, a teen mum who is not confident about joining a group? If so then please give me a ring or email me as I would love to meet you too and show you how much fun baby massage can be.
  • Massage will benefit babies with special needs as touch is not a treatment or therapy but a form of communication. All I ask is that you contact your health professional first to find out more about your baby's health in relationship to massage.
  • Is your baby premature, massage can help as a calming and comforting strategy?

Baby Massage

Oils, Mats, Cushions, comprehensive A5 booklet containing strokes, handouts and useful information and Refreshments provided NB:A5 booklet & refreshments at private courses only. Please bring your own small towels, small waterproof changing mat, baby blankets, flannels, muslins etc
50 - four week course from my home OR yours ***COME TO ME AND I WILL BAKE YOU HOMEMADE CAKES...YUMMIE!
65 - five week course from my home OR yours ***COME TO ME AND I WILL BAKE YOU HOMEMADE CAKES...YUMMIE! NB:- if you would like the 5th session to include partners, giving dads a go, I will come to you at no extra cost, AND this 5th session can take place on a Saturday afternoon. This is popular as it gives the whole group a chance to get together and finish with a party!
32 - four week community course run from the friendly Banstead Children's Centre. Booking required.

Course Dates

For all bookings and enquiries please contact me

Various times and dates available for private courses, please contact me and we can arrange a mutually convenient day and time

Thursday Afternoons. This course is held at the new Surestart Children's Centre in Banstead. TERM TIME ONLY...BOOKING REQUIRED

Other days available by special arrangement. Please contact me

Course Dates

For all bookings and enquiries please contact me